President:                    Kimberly Gan

Vice President:            Clayten Gan

Secretary-Treasurer: John King

Club Station
 Trustee:                       John King



The photo is of the original license holder of the K7QLL call.  The date of this photo was in early 1962.  The licensee then was John King, holding the Novice Call of KN7QLL.  In August, 1962 John upgraded to a Technician Class Amateur Radio License was issued the call K7QLL.




The Dragon Fly Acres Amateur Radio Club  was honored to be allowed to obtain the call K7QLL through the FCC's Vanity Call Sign Program in mid 2016 as their Club Station Call.




The mission of the Dragon Fly Acres Amateur Radio Club is to further the art of radio communications and electronics by mentoring anyone with like interests, participating in community events, preparedness in assisting in the event of a disaster where other communication modes can fail.